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Red, Black Elder & Attich with Andreas Franzl

| World-Spirits Shots Episode 3 Red, Black Elderberry & Attich with Andreas Franzl

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Everything revolves around the topic: elderberry

  • Talk partner: Andreas Franzl, distiller from Germany
  • host Wolfram Ortner - 5 minutes of exciting, profound moderation Brand new format, 5-minute episodes, expert information and entertainment on a "spiritual" basis, celebrity and distiller talk, journey through the botanical gardens of the earth, sensory evaluation of the world's best spirits, musical accompaniment by the band "Humus".

Background information on the episode: Elderberry: black or red?

Elderberry is a polarizing fruit - some love it, others hate it. However, there is definitely one thing both factions have in common: almost everyone gets goosebumps when drinking an elderberry distillate. The red elderberry is quite rare, while the black one can be found as a large shrub in the Caucasus, Asia Minor, Western Siberia and Central Europe near the sea and in the Alps up to 1,500 meters above sea level. The elderberry, actually a drupe, is a real jack-of-all-trades: medically it is a "Dr. House", it has a lot of vitamin C and a number of positive effects on the human organism. But also culinary the variety is enormous, here are some tips. Sparkling wine from elderflowers is fermented with sugar and lemon directly in the sealed bottle: For syrup, you put the flowers in a sugar solution and filter it through a sieve after a few days. In many regions - especially popular in Vorarlberg and Baden - the inflorescences are baked in a wine or beer batter to make "Küchle". Juice can also be made from the ripe black elderberry. Mixed with melted butter and honey, it becomes a tasty sauce for many desserts. There are only a few producers, such as the small distillery Perkonig in Carinthia, who make a brandy from red elderberry, which often presents itself more intensely in the glass than its black kin. At the Hungarian distillery Matheus Pálinkaház Kft. the elderberry even matures in oak barrels - a completely new approach. In addition to juice, syrup, liqueur, jelly and jam, high-quality distillates are also produced from the black elderberry. The variety of aromas includes flowers, berries, banana, apples, pears, menthol and mint, green-grassy spice stands next to woody-stemmy accents to earthy-perfumed aromas.

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