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Spice Islands Distilling: Gin from the spice island

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Spice Islands Distilling: Gin from the spice island

Marco Polo is said to have remarked about East India: “It is a very rich archipelago, which produces pepper, nutmeg, galangal, cubeb and cloves and all the valuable spices to be found in the world.” Centuries ago, many spices were more valuable than gold and reserved just for the social elite in Europe. When the maritime route to India was discovered by Portuguese explorers in the 15th century, it was possible to get from Europe around Africa to the Indian subcontinent and the spice islands. Indonesia is home to around ten percent of the plant types in the world and some of the most exotic spices, a paradise for distillers. Spice Islands Distilling is one of the first true artisanal distilleries, located in Keramas Beach on the tropical island of Bali, the magical island of the gods. The production method stands out from other manufacturers, especially the commitment to authentic craft spirits in small batches. The centrepiece of the distillery is the 550-litre still, handmade by CARL in Germany, which invests 140 years of experience, innovation and the latest technology in the Spice Islands brands. The best botanicals for the gin range are sought on the archipelago. “Whether it is ancient nutmeg trees from Banda, hand-picked coffee from the foggy highland of Toraja or the powerful torch ginger flower, we love Indonesian products and are constantly searching for aromas that truly embody the spirit of Indonesia,” say the owners.

At the World Spirits Award, there was gold for East Indies – Archipelago – Dry Gin.

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