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Nordic Gin House: Unique Nordic gins for the growing global market

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Nordic Gin House: Unique Nordic gins for the growing global market

With more than 35 years of experience, Jakob Vallentin has excellent product and market knowledge and a comprehensive network at his disposal. In 2017, he founded Nordic Gin House with the aim of creating the most popular Nordic gin concept in the world. This is in line with global gin trends and the growing interest in local distinction and authenticity. The results are handmade small batch series, based on an unadulterated taste of juniper. Nordic Gin House is a cooperation of local distilleries with sommeliers, master distillers and mixologists from many different countries, but all with the same ambition: to get the very best out of Nordic distilling traditions in the form of products with individual flair and intuition as well as a sensitivity to national tastes. The customers are specialist shops, restaurateurs, high-end supermarkets, bars and cocktail clubs, with local representatives in more than 25 countries. København Klassisk Gin is an homage to Denmark’s capital city, with one of the highest percentages of juniper berries in the world. The creatively produced gin is a modern variation of a classic. Distillation and micro-vaporisation combine the best of Nordic spruce, juniper, citrus and liquorice root. København Klassisk Lounge Gin contains a balanced measure of juniper alongside Nordic spruce, citrus fruits and rosehips as special ingredients. The distillation takes roughly a day, and the entire process more than 50 hours. Once the drinking strength has been regulated, the gin is left to settle for about ten days. The bottle is inspired by a chemist’s bottle, unmistakable in its appearance which captures Denmark’s simplicity and minimalist design heritage.

At the World Spirits Award, there was gold for KOBENHAVN KLASSISK LOUNGE GIN.

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