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The colors of currants: White, Red & Black Currants

| World-Spirits Shots Episode 4 White, Red & Black Currants with Andreas Franzl

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Everything revolves around the topic: currants

  • Talk partner: Andreas Franzl, distiller  from Germany
  • host Wolfram Ortner
  • 5 minutes of exciting, profound moderation Brand new format, 5-minute episodes, expert information and entertainment on a "spiritual" basis, celebrity and distiller talk, journey through the botanical gardens of the earth, sensory evaluation of the world's best spirits, musical accompaniment by the band "Humus". 

Background information for the episode: Currant or Ribisel?

Ribisel is an Austrian name for the currant, which belongs to the gooseberry genus and is found primarily in temperate climates in the northern hemisphere. When one hears the word currant, one thinks of the French word "cassis" and thus inevitably of the black currant. But in nature there are also red and white forms. In addition to fruit juices and liqueurs, distillates are also made from the black currant. A concentrate is also obtained from part of the buds, which gives perfumes a special fruity note. The black currant is the flagship of the berry family in terms of intensity and aroma, with it even the leaves are fragrant. The aroma variety presents itself in distilled form as particularly blackberry-fruity, very juicy, with many green-grassy-stalky components. In order to be able to produce a good distillate from a red currant, a number of things must go together. The most important criterion is the ripeness of the fruit. The berries should be processed and mashed at the peak of ripeness, only then can an aromatic brandy be distilled. Otherwise, the brandy is rather delicate and slender and the fruit is very difficult to recognize. The white currant is a cultivated form of the red currant and in the aroma almost comparable to a raspberry. Fresh citrus tones dominate the aroma, which may also have hints of raspberry. Distillates from this fruit are special and rarely found.

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