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Inside World Spirits © Episode 7 - Hazelnut Spirits, Hubertus Vallendar

| Inside World-Spirits

Inside World Spirits © Episode 7 Hazelnut Spirits, Hubertus Vallendar

Can be streamed (in German with English subtitles) in the protected area - directly at

Everything revolves around the subject: Kiss of the Hazelnut with Brandy

• Talk partner: Hubertus Vallendar, distiller and creative person from Germany
• Viewer guest: Christian Habich, business consultant, Austria
• host Wolfram Ortner -20 minutes of exciting and profound presentation

Products/ spirits:
• Hazelnut Piedmont Spirit, Hubertus Vallendar Distillery, Germany
• Bauer’s Kiss of the Hazelnut, Franz Bauer Distillery, Austria
• Dolleruper Hazelnut Brandy, Dolleruper Distillery, Germany

Brand new format, 15-minute episodes, expert information and entertainment on a "spiritual" basis, celebrity and distiller talk, journey through the botanical gardens of the earth, sensory evaluation of the world's best spirits.

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Background-Informationen zur Folge: Kiss of a Hazelnut with Spirit

In the mid-90's the two German distillers Hubertus Vallendar and Arno Dirker began to deal with hazelnuts in "spiritual" form. The flavour of such products could be described as "liquid Nutella" or "liquid Manner Schnitten" (chocolate wafers). Anyone who is worth his or her salt purchases the basic products from Piedmont as hazelnuts from this North Italian region are well-known for their special aromas and quality. The crispier the hazelnuts are roasted before the puristic further processing, the more typical aromas are released and the stylistics evolves more in the direction of hazelnuts and not hazelnuts with wafers or "Hanuta" (chocolate wafer with hazelnuts). Today many distilleries produce the coveted hazelnut schnapps - as it is often mistakenly called. Only a fermentable basic product, e.g. apples or pears, which is distilled after fermentation, can be declared a schnapps or "the like". Hazelnuts cannot be fermented since they contain no sugar whatsoever as a fermentable ingredient. So: the name "schnapps" is rubbish anyhow! Correct would be either hazelnut brandy or hazelnut spirit. Due to the production method almost only more spirits are marketed, in parts hazelnut products are also sold as liqueur. As soon as sugar is subsequently added to hazelnuts or they are flavoured with e.g. vanilla, the name hazelnut brandy is no longer allowed to be used. In accordance with the EU regulation one can therefore mostly find labels with the correct designation ‚hazelnut spirit'. Hubertus Vallendar also offers hazelnut as a gourmet spray to flavour dishes. The sensory description of a perfect hazelnut spirit can read as follows: Fragrance: multi-faceted nut and roast aromas, subtle wafer notes, nougat, cocoa, some vanilla, coconut, sponge cake. Taste: a lot of roasted hazelnuts in the basis, almost creamy, cocoa, dark chocolate, toffee, caramel candy, a touch of green and nutty spiciness, subtle vanilla, compact body, extremely long lasting, harmonious and stimulating.

Products/ Spirits & Distilleries Hubertus Vallendar – World class success story

Hubertus Vallendar is a creator, craftsman, designer, sensory assessor, fermentation specialist – the list of skills could go on and on. He sees himself as a contemporary alchemist with a special sense for smells and tastes, who is a perfectionist when it comes to new product ideas, and has confidence in delicate situations. In the mean time, he receives valuable support from his son Mario in all areas of distillery operation. The careful selection of raw materials focuses particularly on the local region. The red Saturn peach grows right on the doorstep in the idyllic Moseltal valley, fine fruits come from the best sources in Europe, exotic fruit is imported from around the world: tea or coffee, juniper or mango, ginger or bananas. This variety is the basis for an exceptional range of fine brandies, spirits, gourmet sprays, liqueurs, jams and chocolates, which are often the highlight at exclusive tastings. New in the product range is the first whisky, a single malt whisky, and a liqueur range. Be it with top wine-growers or celebrity chefs, as a passionate amateur chef and connoisseur he works in cooperation with many exceptional people, which is why ‘Harry’s Waldgin’ (‘forest gin’) was created together with award-winning chef Harald Rüssel.

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