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Crossover 55 I Nutmeg & flavored gin

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Inside World Spirits © Episode 8
Gin flavoured, Werner Krauss
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Everything revolves around the subject:Broad spectrum of flavoured gin
• Talk partner: Werner Krauss, a superstar, Krauss Distillery, Austria
• Viewer guest: Harald Hassler, Restaurant Adriana, Austria
• Botanical: Nutmeg, Patrick Altermatt, Switzerland
• host Wolfram Ortner – 20 minutes of exciting and profound presentation

Products/ spirits
• Gin + saffron, Krauss Distillery, Austria
• Klimt Wien Gin, Kesselbrueder GmbH, Austria
• CHAIGIN, Wilhelm Marx Edelbrandmanufaktur, Germany (noble spirit manufacture)

Brand new format, 15-minute episodes, expert information and entertainment on a "spiritual" basis, celebrity and distiller talk, journey through the botanical gardens of the earth, sensory evaluation of the world's best spirits.

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Background information about the episode:

Broad Spectrum of a flavoured Gin

The flavoured gin is a "playground" for producers with a sense for extravagance and something special. Legally there is no definition whether a flavoured gin has to be a very plain "gin" or a noble "London Dry Gin". Distillers such as Krauss or Marx prefer a superior London Dry Gin for the aromatic refinement. But there is also the possibility to simply assign a very plain gin to the group "gin" and to go on the rampage with aromas and oils etc. Many roads lead to Rome - ultimately, what counts is the result and the consumers' acceptance.
In this segment it is important that the focus of flavouring is stated very clearly on the label. If we're dealing with a saffron gin, then the product should really smell and taste tart and spicy up to smoky.The same thing goes for cinnamon, flower and orange - or with whatever else the product is "pimped".
An indicator for quality is of course with New Western Style Gin the quality. Should you be looking for a top quality product, then you're on the right track if you're looking around within the upper price scale. It's also exciting when spirit producers cooperate with celebrity chefs such as Alfons Schubeck and together turn a flavourful tuning setscrew.
In any case such products should be presented in the appropriate group with spirits contests in order to obtain an adequate result - then we can all say ‚Cheers'!

Products/ Spirits & Distilleries

Distillery Krauss: Delicious spirits from the Koralpe

Eleven years after starting out in their garage, Carmen and Werner Krauss and their five employees celebrated the opening of their new distillery in Sankt Martin im Sulmtal on 1st December 2018. The Styrian family business, which from the beginning has focused on excellent quality, has now set the goal of further expansion with consistent quality and diversity at an international level.
As well as eight different gins, which have all won international awards, the distillery’s repertoire includes many fine brandies, and rum and whisky have become fixed components of their product line. With in-house productions of over 100 litres, such as the Yin Gin from Hotel Liebmann (incidentally, the location of the largest gin bar in Styria), they continue to prove that flexibility and high product standards are not at odds with their current aspirations to expand. And this is perfectly reflected in their truly excellent results at the World Spirits Award.
For the World Class Distillery 2019 OBB (Distillery of the Year 2019 – Bronze), World Class Distillery 2019 GIWO (Distillery of the Year 2019 – Gold), Master Class Distillery 2019 OBS there was a proud collection of medals: double gold for Gin+ Saffron (Spirit of the Year & World Spirits Award 2019), Kronprinz Rudolf (apple), gold for Gin+ London Dry, G+ Oak Cask, Gin+ Flower Power, G+ Tangerine, Strong Spirit apple wine brandy, Muscat Bleu grape brandy, Strong Spirit pear, Strong Spirit peach, pear and hazelnut, and silver for damson, apricot and raspberry.

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