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„Kriecherl“ (the ancient plum) with Andreas Franzl

| Inside World-Spirits

Inside World Spirits © Episode 2 „Kriecherl“ (the ancient plum) Andreas Franzl

Can be streamed (in German with English subtitles) in the protected area - directly at Everything revolves around the subject: Kriecherl’ (damson), ‚Kriacherl’ (damson) or ‚Kriechen-Pflaume’ (damson plum)?

Talk partners:
Andreas Franzl of the Hofbrennerei Oberkorb – distiller, Acadavie-operator and philosopher, Germany
Botanical: cinnamon, Patrick Altermatt, Switzerland
Viewer guest: Mario Vallendar – distiller, Germany host Wolfram Ortner – 20 minutes of exciting and profound presentation

Products/ spirits
Kriacherl, Hofbrennerei Oberkorb, Germany
Kriecherlbrand, Krenn Distillery, Austria Kriacherl, Schneeberger’s Distillates, Austria

Brand new format, 15-minute episodes, expert information and entertainment on a "spiritual" basis, celebrity and distiller talk, journey through the botanical gardens of the earth, sensory evaluation of the world's best spirits.

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Background information about the episode:

‚Kriecherl’ (Damson), ‚Kriacherl’ (Damson) or ‚Kriechen-Pflaume’ (Damson plum)?

Talking about ‚Kriecherl’ (damson), one is never sure whether everybody is talking about one and the same fruit. The different spellings also depend on the geographical pronunciation situation. The best understood name is certainly ‚Kriechen-Pflaume’ (damson plum). This describes the fact that this stone fruit involves a plum variety. Experts know that the generic term „plums“ comprises many varieties also in different colours. When the yellow type prevails in northern Austria (the ‚Waldviertel’ region), then the blue variant ripens on trees and shrubs in southern Styria whose aroma is similar to that of sloe. ‚Blaue Kriecherl’ (blue damson) can also be found in other parts of Austria, Germany and even in Great Britain. Compared to plums, the ‚Kriecherl’ (damson) has got relatively little sugar, instead a lot of acid due to the thick skin. There are also wild varieties whose amount of acid is especially high. The fruit is well suited for stone-focused and aromatic distillates as well as jams and seed oil. A universal sensory definition of a ‚Kriecherl’ distillate is difficult because yellow and blue varieties differ. The aroma spectrum ranges from the fruit esteriness of an apricot via the typical features of a plum or damson up to the characteristic of sloe. Hence, a broad spectrum of fruit ester via intense and warm stone notes up to chocolate and cinnamon. A hint: due to this aromatic diversity the fruit is especially well suited for cigar brandies: the harmony between the distillate and superior espresso will fascinate gourmets. Products/ Spirits & Distilleries Hofbrennerei Oberkorb: Fine brandies with terroir character Andreas Franzl’s small farm distillery is located some 60 kilometres east of Munich in the district of Erding. He produces a limited range of products totalling just 1,200 bottles each year, although these are made from pure fruit. The sandy, loamy soils of the hilly landscapes to the south of the Danube are ideal for growing fruit. Orchards made up of semi-wild trees produce a wide range of very flavourful fruit varieties. The untreated fruits stay on the tree until they are fully ripened before being used to create these brandies which are full of character. Another speciality of the distillery are pure distillates made from rare, partly poisonous fruits such as danewort and cranberry bush, which are fascinating, with a fantastic aroma and a complex density. Andreas Franzl is trained as a cheese-maker and he is also a qualified agriculturist and an expert on spirits (‘Master of World Spirits’). He lives and works by his motto which makes him very likeable: approach goals consistently but do not overshoot the target. “Our farm was founded more than 400 years ago and has been in our close family for more than ten generations. This perseverance reflects courage, openness and vision. And we would like to pass this commitment on.” Regular training sessions and courses on the culture of distilling are held at the distillery and adjoining ‘ACAdeVIE’. Andreas Franzl, appointed fine brandy sommelier h. c., also works at the Bayerische Genussakademie in Kulmbach as a lecturer in brandy and spices sommelier studies.

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