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Inside World Spirits © Episode 10 - Vorarlberg’s Subirer, Albert Büchele

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Inside World Spirits © Episode 10
Vorarlberg’s Subirer, Albert Büchele

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Everything revolves around the subject: Subirer or Saubirne pear? A Vorarlberg bedrock in the orchard
• Talk partners: Albert Büchele, Michelehof Distillery, Austria
• Botanical: cardamom, Patrick Altermatt, Switzerland
• Viewer guest: Matthias Maass, distiller, Austria
• host Wolfram Ortner – 20 minutes of exciting and profound presentation

Products/ spirits
• Subirer Reserve, Michelehof Distillery, Austria
• Haemmerle Subirer, Freihof Distillery, Austria

Brand new format, 15-minute episodes, expert information and entertainment on a "spiritual" basis, celebrity and distiller talk, journey through the botanical gardens of the earth, sensory evaluation of the world's best spirits.

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Background information about the episode:

Subirer, Subira or Saubirne (‚Hirschbirne' pear)?

Behind these different spellings distinct aromas and stylistics respectively can be found as well as the protected geographical origin. The Subirer pear is a traditional cider pear from the Vorarlberg region whose suitability for grafting as a distillate was discovered many years ago. If you follow the respective literature you will come across Armin Schertler from Wolfurt (Vorarlberg region).
Since the very aromatic fruit which however tastes woody is not suited to be eaten as fresh fruit nor hardly for producing cider, it is dried and readily used as dried fruit. It is obvious that it was refined to a classic fruit brandy at farms with distilling rights.
As one recognised the quality of this special pear, people started to plant the fruit on a large scale and market it as schnapps. Today this regionally typical product has got a large fan community whose fresh and estery aromas are very much appreciated.
The typical features of the Subirer pear range from a subtle citrus note via spicy zestiness to bananas and the characteristic fruit esteriness of a Williams pear.
Sensorially the variety image could roughly be described as follows:
Fragrance: cider pear character, fresh and lemony, a little dried fruit, very spicy, greenish, peely and woody, a lot of tannin, slightly nutty, malty and grainy. Flavour: very peely texture, perfumed pear, subtle citrus and orange aroma, acidulous and drop-like, a little apple-like touch, delicate fruit sweetness, subtle bitter aftertaste in the finish.

Products/ Spirits & Distilleries

Albert Büchele – Reliability, Vorarlberg-style

“We have been farmers for generations”, says Albert Büchele from the Michelehof, which has been based in Hard at Lake Constance since 1838. The name of the estate is based on the name Michael since his great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather were both called ‘Michel’. Today, the estate looks rather different with the focus being on fruit processing instead of animal husbandry and dairy farming. Plenty of input and commitment and a friendly sense of persistence regularly bring the highest possible accolades for this ‘stuff which dreams are made of’.
The diverse product range focuses on apples and pears and the fruit of the region – the Subirer pear – has become the company logo, based on the star-shaped flower of the fruit trees. Brandies full of character are made from the various types of stone fruits, berries and wild fruits and Albert Büchele has a particular passion for maturing distillates in wooden casks. A great deal of love and care has gone into the redesign of the building: since 2006, the architecturally successful structure has incorporated plenty of wood, solidity and style – not forgetting the expressive and well-balanced products made here. And little wonder, as harmony within the family and across the estate have long been the recipe for success. The future development of the Michelehof is certainly cause for great excitement.
The World Class Distillery 2017 received double gold for Cigar Cuvée, gold for Subirer Reserve, rose hip and grape brandy (barrel-aged), and silver for orange blossom muscatel brandy and damson brandy (barrel-aged).

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